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한양제작소는 드라마 제작사인 실크우드주식회사의 2대주주이며, 화장품 회사 지니더바틀 주식회사의 1대주주인 홀딩스로 시작했습니다. 

현재 BL 드라마 전문 플랫폼 앱인 BLS 서비스를 운영하고 있으며, 드라마 기획 개발 투자, 콘텐츠 상품 개발 등을 진행하고 있습니다. 

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BLS (Beutiful Love Screen)

BL 드라마 플랫폼

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전체 동영상

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전체 카테고리

<Peach of Time> Making Film

<Peach of Time> 30sec teaser

<Peach of Time> 1min teaser


Drama Portfolio​

Peach Of Time

Genre:     Romance drama
Director:  Jang Eui-Soon  
Script:     Yang Ju-hyeon  

No. of episodes:  10

Length:  30 minutes



Peach, a 22-year old Thai boy, takes a daring step in his life and decides to  fly to Korea to meet his online Korean friend, Yun-oh.

Everything seems perfect for Peach. He finally realized his dream! On top  of that, as he stays in his friend's house, the two can finally be together.  But something just doesn't seem right. Sung-suk, Yun-oh’s mother,  seems to be cautious and reserved in Peach's presence. She is harsh with  her son and Peach soon realizes that the two do not get along well.

Willing to help his friend, Peach takes matters in his own hands and tries  to mend the strained relationship. He just wants Yun-oh to be happy...  and if he can make it happen, he will!

But what is that weird feeling in Peach's heart? Does he like Yun-oh...?

Peach's world crumbles one day when he learns that Yun-ho... had died  in an accident two weeks before!

The man I like is a ghost?!

To make it worse, Yun-oh doesn't realize this fact himself! How is it possible?  Yun-ho is a ghost?! Does it mean that all this time, Yun-oh's mother had no idea  her son was around?!

As if the situation was not complicated enough already, the pair meets another  ghost! Mario, a young Thai man reveals to them that he died at the age of 24,  back in the 90s when he first visited Korea. But why is he still in this world?

Mario knows how to pass to the afterlife, but he himself is not able to leave  just yet. What keeps him bound on earth is a girl, Soojin, the love of his life.

Peach and Yun-oh put their heads together to figure out why Yun-oh is still  here, and, most importantly, how to help the latter leave this world. They soon  realize: Yun-oh's unfinished business is the bucket-list he had promised himself  to fulfill as soon as he becomes an adult.

But for a soul to pass peacefully to the other side, one needs to fulfill unresolved  matters in 49 days after one's death. They don't have much time left. After all,  they risk Yun-oh becoming an evil spirit stuck in this world, forever!


조직 및 팀원 소개

회사 소개



• 현 실크우드 대표이사
• 전 KBS 보도국 기자
• 전 KBS 정책기획센터


Deputy President

  • 한양제작소 부사장

  • 전 디즈니 이사 

  • 전 CJ ENM 부장

  • ​전 TVING 콘텐츠 라이센싱 책임자

데니 강


• BLS 개발기획총괄
• 전 Ku 디지털미디어랩


콘텐츠 총괄 이사

•콘텐츠 총괄
•전 올리브나인 이사
•전 팬엔터테인먼트 본부장
•전 이매진아시아 부사장

에리카 한

디자인 총괄 이사

•  디자인 총괄
•  Y.W 크리에이티브 디렉터
•  Pratt Art & Design Institute


운영 총괄 부장

•운영 총괄
•전 한류투자파트너스 투자심사역
•전 스튜디오인빅투스 프로젝트 총괄 이사
•전 강원정보문화진흥원 팀장
•전 춘천시청 언론홍보 담당


BLS 기획 매니저

  • Pennsylvania State University

(Bachelor’s Course in Communication)                                                                                                   


대외협력담당 이사

•비단숲 대표이사(웹소설 CP사)

•전 KBS 아나운서



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